Is having credit cards from different banks a good idea for financial control?

Today it is no longer necessary to carry a lot of money in your wallet to make payments and make purchases. The credit card has emerged as an excellent alternative to meet these demands, in addition to bringing more security and comfort to customers.

It is worth remembering that the credit card is linked to a bank account chosen by the consumer or often by the company where he works. Having more than one card, often with different invoice due dates, has been an alternative widely adopted by those who receive payments in installments or have more than one source of remuneration, for example.

Another reason that has led people to have more than one card is the status that they guarantee through greater purchasing power. But is it worth having more than one credit card bill to manage? We raised a few points for you to decide which is the best alternative for your finances.


Credit card is not a salary extension

Credit card is not a salary extension

Before analyzing this decision, it is very important to be clear: credit cards should not be treated as an extension of your salary! Those who see the credit card as an outlet for making purchases in installments and thus postpone a payment, may not be aware of its real purchasing power. Those who use the credit card as an extension of their wages can contract debts more easily, since there are expenses, lack of money and some interest. In such cases, having 2 cards can be even more dangerous for your financial situation.


Different banks charge different fees

Competition between banks to win customers is fierce. Therefore, each one applies tariffs and adopts different procedures. This means that the cost of a credit card from one financial institution may not be the same as another.

Therefore, before purchasing several cards it is important to check the fees charged, interest rates and limits of each one so that your expenses will not be higher than you planned at the end of the day.


Cards with different flags

credit Cards with different flags

In general, Brazilian banks work with more than one flag, among which the most well-known are Visa and MasterCard. When you choose to have cards with different flags you increase the number of establishments where you can buy, because if he does not accept payment with the flag of one of his cards, he will probably accept the other. In addition, different cards have different points and miles programs, which can be used to benefit future purchases.


Different cards for different functions

When opting for more than one credit card, it is important that they have different functions within your monthly financial planning. This helps you better control how you spend your credit. Want a practical example? Consider that just one card is sufficient if you are only going to pay bills, for example. If a bank offers a 10-day interest-free term after the invoice is due while another bank offers a shorter time, you may consider having more than one credit card. The longer-term can be used for payments that fall due on bad days within your budget or for unforeseen events that may happen during the month.

Another tip is that the cards have different limits. The lower limit card can be used, for example, for online purchases, as they are more susceptible to cloning.


For controlling dependents’ expenses

Different banks charge different fees

If you have children who need to use their money frequently or another dependent, having another credit card can be a good idea to control their spending. To avoid further extra fees, it is ideal that you make the second card with the same bank.


The most important thing is to keep control

From this information, it is time to assess whether it is advantageous to have more than one credit card in your wallet. Regardless of the number of cards you have, the important thing is to always be aware of your finances and know how to control your spending. So always try to keep everything organized, keep an updated spending spreadsheet to check if you are spending too much.


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Loan, redemption and credit on a bank.

The society of funding in dustrial and commercial whose acronym is Cream bank, born in 1951. In 2010 it merged with finance company, both are subsidiaries of the bank Lite Lender. Cream bank is one of the largest French credit company. It is present on several levels, first of all it has around twenty agencies spread across the territory.

Cream bank credit products will also be offered to you in certain major brands (household equipment, vehicles, hi-fi, etc.). It is also possible to contact Cream bank, via its number 0 825 002 004 from Monday to Friday during working hours.

The products offered are of several kinds: Personal. Works. Auto Moto. Other loans. Revolving credit. Cream bank card. Redemption of credits.

The loans :

These different products offer a certain flexibility, in case of temporary difficulties. Example for the car loan: Possibility to request a credit break, ie to ” skip ” a monthly payment, (once every 6 months). It is also possible to reduce the amount of monthly payments for 3 consecutive months. Conversely, in the event of income, you can increase the monthly payments or repay in advance, all on a simple phone call. Optional insurance is offered.

To contract a Cream bank loan, you have 3 options: By going to one of the 20 branches, or by phone or even online, on the Cream bank.fr site where you will find a simple credit simulator of ‘use. You can then manage your account on this same site.

Credit repurchase:

If you have several loans in the process of being repaid and the sum of the monthly installments is too heavy, you can request a loan repurchase. Cream bank buys back all your credits and you only have one loan in progress, the monthly payments therefore decrease. Be careful though, because if you choose this solution, the overall repayment period will increase, as will the total interest. the amount of the loan can range from 3,000 to 100,000 for terms of 36 to 96 months.

Mortgage loans cannot be included in this type of redemption. The organization is responsible for sending the termination letters to the various lending organizations.

Revolving credit:

Also called revolving credit, this is a sum of money which is made available to you, by simple request to Cream bank, after studying your file. You can use the allocated amount in one or more installments without having to provide proof. Depending on the amount borrowed, a monthly payment is debited from your account. The revolving credit has this particular, it is replenished as repayments.

Useful in the event of a hard blow (a fridge that drops you, or a repair on your vehicle). Be careful however because the interest rates are much higher than on other types of loans. Moreover, some consumer associations have sounded the alarm, according to them, this type of borrowing would have led many households to over-indebtedness.

Advice : if you have an unexpected, check with your bank and compare.

Tip : This is valid for all loans, compare the different offers, you can even with some agencies negotiate the interest rate or the repayment duration. in short, don’t rush


Cam Hoys Review

Cammrabbit Cam Hoys is a stunning small camera that shoots HD video in high definition. It is a camera, of course, that is made especially for gay men. This camera is made with the gay male in mind.

Some of the more expensive models

Some of the more expensive models

Cam Hoys is one of the first cameras that are able to shoot in high definition. It is also one of the first cameras that are specifically made for the gay market. They are much smaller than the VixSkin style camera that you will find today. For these reasons it is more user friendly for the average gay man.

There are many features on the Cam Hoys. A few of the most popular features include a backlit touch screen. You can also record videos using your cell phone as the video recorder. The camera also has a flash, which will make the images in the camera appear even better in the bright sunlight.

All of the features mentioned above are standard on all of the Cam Hoys models. However, some of the more expensive models also have a barometer. This can be very useful if you are into fishing.

The Cam Hoys is made to withstand being dropped several times while being worn. It is very lightweight, so it does not weigh down your hand when you are holding it. The slim design is also very comfortable to wear.

The next model of the Camrabbit Cam Gays is the smaller version. This model is built to work like a pocket camera. It does not have the back-lit touch screen.

Very good for gay and lesbian photography

Very good for gay and lesbian photography

Both of the larger models will allow you to carry it around easily and move around. The camera can fit into a pocket. That is why many of the gay men like to carry it in their pocket.

The Cam Hoys offers many more recording options. These include a flash on the camera and you can record audio. There are a point and shoot mode.

The Cam Hoys models are very good for gay and lesbian photography. They are very effective and have the ability to capture beautiful pictures. They have a range of color adjustments for the color spaces available.

Any closet full of pictures of sexy men

Any closet full of pictures of sexy men

The Cam Hoys has one more feature that they are very popular with. If you need to call someone using your cell phone, it can work by allowing you to call them from your cell phone. It also allows you to call them from your computer.

The Cam Hoys is a great addition to any closet full of pictures of sexy men. They will help keep all of your photos safe. You never know who might be interested in them.

The Cam Hoys is well known for their quality and is usually worth the investment. Whether you are an average man who wants to keep his old pictures safe or a professional photographer, you will love the quality of this camera.


How does classic auto credit work?

Car credit is still today the most popular solution for the French to buy a car. It allows individuals not to pay a large sum in one go and can apply for a new or used vehicle.

The principle is simple: the credit is repaid monthly and according to the terms agreed with the lender, whether it is a bank or a specialized establishment.

How does classic auto credit work?

How does classic auto credit work?

In France, the interest rates charged for car loans are generally cheap: they hover around 6% over 4 years. The repayment tenure is fixed, which allows you to organize your finances. It can be spread over a more or less long time depending on the case. As soon as the loan is granted, the borrower legally owns the car.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting with purchase option

  • The amount of monthly payments is lower than that of a car loan: one pays the use and not the property. These lower costs allow individuals with low repayment capacity to easily have a vehicle.
  • LOA is a flexible solution that allows you to change vehicles as you wish.
  • The duration of the contract and the mileage are defined according to the needs of the tenant.
  • Exceeding the mileage fixed on the contract can be costly.
  • Even if he is not the owner, the tenant is legally responsible for the rented vehicle.
  • When the LOA contract comes to an end, the user will pay more to acquire the car than if he had bought it on credit from the start.

Advantages and disadvantages of car credit

Advantages and disadvantages of car credit

  • The car loan is adjusted to measure: the amount of the credit and the duration of the repayment are decided according to the financial capacity of the buyer.
  • The reimbursement is made by fixed monthly payments, which allows you to organize your finances.
  • The car loan can be partially or totally settled when the owner wishes: he then recovers the full amount.
  • Once the credit application is accepted, the borrower immediately owns his car and can make the changes he wants.
  • In the event of breakage or theft, the monthly payments must still be paid, even if the buyer does not have insurance.

Which purchasing method to choose?

Which purchasing method to choose?

Purchase on credit or lease with an option to purchase? The choice depends on the profile of the buyer. The LOA allows people with low repayment capacity to be transported without having to go through conventional financing methods.

This option can, therefore, be of interest to people who need a car without wanting to invest. But the main drawback of leasing is that, in the long term, if the tenant wants to become an owner, he will pay more than if he had bought on credit.

Regarding the purchase on credit, it is possible to make a loan simulation in a few minutes thanks to our simulator below. Good to know: taking out a car loan is more advantageous if you have funds at the start and you are sure you can repay the loan every month.