Common Issues in Older Women – Part 2

Common Issues in Older Women – Part 2

1. Weight gain

Due to slower metabolism, older women may begin to gain weight. It is worth noting that obesity adversely affects the entire body, so you need to move more, play sports and eat right to prevent it.

2. Bladder problems

Often retirees have diseases related to the urinary system. Due to the fact that the mucous membranes in the urethra and vagina become drier, protective functions are reduced. In this state, they are more prone to damage, which contributes to the accession of bacterial infections.

Over time, urinary incontinence develops due to relaxation of the bladder sphincter. Often, the infection spreads to the kidneys and uterus with appendages. Some of the preventive measures, in this case, include proper hygiene, Kegel exercises, and hormonal therapy.

3. Hypothyroidism

It is one of the major diseases in elderly women who’re 60 and above. Its main symptoms are weight gain, loss of intellectual abilities and deterioration of hair and skin. In this case, regular examination of the thyroid gland may become necessary.

To lead a healthy life in old age, a woman must know what processes are taking place in her body and how to slow them down.

Major age-related changes in Older Women:

1. Hormonal restructuring. As you know, the female body goes through two stages of development: puberty and menopause. At a certain age, the process of menstruation in the female body stops which indicates that the ovaries are no longer functioning, and the extinction of reproductive functions has begun. At this time, the production of estrogen decreases. Hormones are involved both in the nervous system and in the cardiovascular and urogenital systems. In addition, they depend on the condition of the muscles and skin.

2. Cartilage tends to get thinner and less elastic. Over time, it is replaced by bone. As a result of a decrease in the height of the intervertebral discs, older women may also face issues such as bad posture.

3. With age, the number of neurons produced in the brain is reduced significantly, which leads to disruption of intellectual activity, reduced efficiency and memory problems.

4. The thyroid gland begins to function abnormally which slows down the metabolism and impairs muscle tone. At the same time, the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases which leads to the onset of other age-related diseases in older women.

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