Top 3 Hobbies for Elderly Women Above the Age of 65

Top 3 Hobbies for Elderly Women Above the Age of 65

In our minds, the image of the grandmother is always associated with pies, homemade jam, and socks, personally tied to the long winter evenings. However, the grandmothers of the 21st century are far from this view: they are engaged in fitness, visit beauty salons, travel a lot, communicate on the Internet with friends of their youth – in general, they lead about the same lifestyle as younger women. And, of course, they are engaged in various hobbies. Here are the most popular forms of leisure for women who have freed themselves from work duties and become pensioners.

Home improvement

Many retired women are happy to be engaged in the improvement of their own home and the creation of comfort in it. Some grow flowers, greens, and whole fruit trees in pots, others prefer to make designer tablecloths, pot holders or homemade paintings. There are many hobbies available for elderly women to make the home a more comfortable and beautiful place.


Cooking is traditionally considered to be an activity for females, but actively working women who are building a career and bringing up children cannot spend much time on cooking. But elderly women who have plenty of free time with them can take it as a hobby to prepare cuisines of various countries of the world.

Traditional and new types of crafts

Traditional types of needlework – embroidery, beadwork, macrame, knitting, etc. – always remain relevant. In the present time, it has become easier to engage in similar hobbies than before: in shops and the Internet, you can find not only the necessary materials and tools but also ready-made schemes for embroidery or knitting. If you want some variety, you can try to make toys that will delight your grandchildren. For example, to make rag dolls tilde or knitted little animals.

Felting wool: It requires certain skills and abilities. In skillful hands, wool can turn into a masterpiece. Another non-fledged type of handicraft hobby for retirees is kanzashi, or the creation of flowers from ribbons, which can then be used to decorate clothes, interior decoration, and jewelry. However, it does It require a lot of perseverance and accuracy. About Medicare Advantages: Otherwise mentioned as Medicare advantage plans, they can go parallel with Medicare since they assist the elderly pay for coinsurance, deductible, etc.